UPDATE 14.02.2019: Network-wide Ad Blocking with Pi-hole

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you annoyed by all the ads, that become more and more over the whole web? Maybe here’s a way out. Have a look on the Pi-hole project. What can do Pi-hole for me? Basically Pi-hole is a piece of software, that is able to run on small computers or single-board computer like a Raspberry […]

Unifi controller fails to start – java_home missing exception

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m running my local WiFi with Unifi access points. To improve the usability I’ve installed the Unifi WiFi Controller on my Raspberry to manage my WiFi. I figured out that the init script that comes with the Unifi package from their PPA has still problems, even in Version 5.9.29. After a dist-upgrade and a reboot, […]