Moving from iOS to Android

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Finally, I decided to switch from iOS to Android. I stared using Smartphones with the iPhone 3G and since then I’ve been an iPhone user, changing the phone every two years. This article is written in Q&A style and hopefully covers the most questions.

Q: Why did you decided to move to Android after being an iOS user for so many years?

A: I was using an iPhone X and wanted to have a new phone. Unfortunately Apple missed nearly every innovation in the last year’s. The only choice I had would be to buy an iPhone 11 which is just another expensive version of the iPhone X but without the great AMOLED display. In addition nearly everything else would be more or less the same as on iPhone X. In the last year’s Apple was only soldering a better CPU and of course more or better cameras, besides these two things there was no change. Of course the price was increased every year. But things like the great fingerprint reader were removed. Compared with Apples competitors they had just no innovative ideas. Huawai, Samsung and even OnePlus built-in a in-display fingerprint reader, hardware multi SIM etc. and for more or less half the price.

Q: Which phone did you choose?

A: As this was initially “only a POC” for me, I looked for some powerful phone with a good camera, that is getting updates quite frequently. And my price limit was about the half of a current iPhone= ~500€ So I’ve chosen the OnePlus 7T. Powerful CPU, a quite ok camera and always the latest is as OnePlus is doing a great job here.

Q: Did you stay at Android or did you switched back to iOS?

A: I still can’t believe it, but I’m still using Android, and even more sold my iPhone as I was not missing it at all. All my Apps were available on Google Play as well, the phone does it’s job like the almost double expensive iPhone 11 and last but not least Android is giving me way more freedom in chosing e.g. default applications or customizing the look and feel.

Q: What’s bad in Android compared with iOS?

A: The whole backup and restore process. With iPhone backup you can transfer your data to a new phone and after the transfer is finished, it feels like you never switched phones. Even if I’m able to use Google Backup for some Apps, it’s not a full backup of the device. After a restore there is a bunch of manual work needed.

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