Finally. An update

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yes. I’m still alive and my webpage as well. Was very busy at the last months. I switched my job and applied ad United Internet, I joined our volunteer firefighters and last but not least I still do have a family ­čÖé

Today I pushed the page forward. I switched to Bootstrap – as you all know I’m not a web-designer and I don’t care about webdesign this is the easiest solution for me. By the way I integrated the AMP framework as this is just awesome work! And I almost forgot that I tweaked the Progressive WordPress a little bit. Now you will be able to “hit the bell” and get notifications when new stuff is published.

I’ve many articles planned like how to harden Apache2 or how to setup a Mailcow server. Maaaaaaybe I will start writing some private stuff as well, for example something about why and how I joined the volunteer firefighters – but then this would be in German as it does not make sense to translate all the German Laws, guidelines and regulations to English. At least something for the “German” category. Or maybe I’ll create a “private” category as well.

Okay, that’s all for today – I will give you a brief update shortly.